Anyone who would like to try the famous “Rodeo” can experience it in El Paso City. Riding a mechanical bull, evokes the feeling and movements of an enraged bull that jumps, spins, and bucks trying to throw the rider off its back, in a popular American rodeo. Rodeo is also a competitive sport in Texas. Riding a mechanical bull first served the contestants for training and perfecting skills, and now it is great and safe fun.


Get rid of stress with a completely new game in our area, the so-called axe throwing. The exciting experience of throwing an axe, which should hit the target, takes place in a specially fenced area, under the guidance of an instructor who will show you the correct technique.


Hit the target using a bow and arrow.


In order for younger visitors to enjoy and have fun in El Paso City theme park, we also offer tubing! Tubing or “summer sledding” takes place on a plastic surface on which you slide with the help of special tubes.

Fun for the whole family and a reminder of some long-forgotten games, such as throwing horseshoes, awaits you on the plateau in front of the reception. Enjoy games and socializing!