Zlatibor hamlet is part of the El Paso City complex, which presents the tradition of this area from the 19th century. Traditional style of construction is especially emphasized, which you can see on the example of 12 different Wooden Cottages. All Wooden Cottages are intended to accommodate guests. The Serbian church and the mill with a pond in which we grow trout are part of this thematic unit.


If you want a slightly different accommodation on Zlatibor, El Paso City has 15 traditional Wooden Cottages. All Wooden Cottages have a separate entrance and consist of a hallway, living room, bathroom and one or more bedrooms. Depending on the size of the Wooden Cottage, they can accommodate from two to six people. Breakfast is included with accommodation in Wooden Cottages.


The Wooden Cottages are covered with shingles – shingles are a roof covering made of split wooden planks, which are placed on top of each other which overlap and are used for roofs with a high slope. Only pine is used for shingles, in areas where there are many coniferous trees such as Zlatibor. Due to its high price, shingles are rarely used nowadays.

All Wooden Cottages were made of local, natural materials, primarily wood and stone, and convey a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Touch nature – an atmosphere we have long forgotten about – wood, clean mountain air, fruits of nature. Get back in time, share magical moments with your loved ones.

One of the twelve charming Wooden Cottages


There is no end to the contents and attractions that the whole family can enjoy – below the Zlatibor hamlet there is a part that is distinguishable by its stables and corral. In addition, a replica of the Elza steam locomotive from the 1960s, with a freight and passenger car with wooden seats, found its place there.

Even the youngest visitors of this complex will not be deprived of unforgettable entertainment. Equipped children’s playground will beautify every moment spent in El Paso City, and give their parents time to relax.

Children’s playground within the complex