indijansko selo el paso zlatibor


This village was named in honor of the most famous Indian Chief Sitting Bull. Six imposing Indian tipis (native Indian tents) surround the area around the campfire plateau. Not only can you visually enjoy these painted tipis, but you can also sleep in one of them. In each of them, there are four single beds and other necessary inventory for your pleasant stay.

Accommodation in tipis

For all adventure-lovers, El Paso City has accommodation in Indian tipis! Each tipi has 4 single beds, a table, chairs, a chest of drawers and electricity. Just a few steps from the tipi there is a wagon converted into a bathroom with showers. There is a separate men’s and women’s bathroom, towels and toiletries. Breakfast is provided with accommodation in tipis.


In addition to the Indian village, El Paso City has provided a children’s playground for the youngest visitors.


In one of the Indian tipis there is a souvenir shop with themed souvenirs such as costumes for children: Indian dresses with fringes for girls, Indian costume for boys, Indian handbags, feathers for the head. We also offer safe toys for children, Indian spears, axes… For adults there are numerous Indian bracelets, necklaces, chokers, belts with beads, as well as attractive, wearable, practical poncho with fringes ideal for cool Zlatibor evenings. Handmade and painted figurines of Indians and totems are beautiful souvenirs from El Paso.

The Indian village is one of the three large environmental units of the El Paso City theme park on Zlatibor. It is located on a small hill which you can reach by crossing a wooden bridge. The village is surrounded on one side by a pine forest – and for hiking-lovers in untouched countryside, this place will be a real refreshment and experience of its kind. As soon as you get out of the El Paso City complex, at your fingertips, there is beautiful countryside ideal for walking, hiking and exploring the surrounding villages.

From the top of the hill, which can be reached after just a ten-minute easy walk – there is an enchanting view that reaches all the way to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You will be convinced that Zlatibor is truly a golden mountain if you go for walks from El Paso City. Wonderful views await you in just ten minutes of walking (gold-zlato in Serbian).

Shots of the river Crni Rzav are on almost all postcards of Zlatibor. The most picturesque part of the river is located in our immediate vicinity. If you go with your family on foot, by an asphalt side road, you can reach this part in about 15 minutes. In this part there are also tables with benches to rest.



Do you wish to spend your vacation in the shade of a pine tree that grows right on your terrace? Treehouses are the dream of every child and the unfulfilled dream of most adults.

Kucica-na-drvetu-El Paso

Accommodation in treehouses

El Paso City also offers accommodation in treehouses for 2 people. These charming Cottages consist of a bedroom with a double bed and a modern bathroom with a shower. From the spacious terrace enjoy the view of the rest of El Paso City and the wavy mountain slopes of Zlatibor.

Recently, two more treehouses for 4 people are available to guests. Next to the double bed there is a bunk bed. The houses have a modern bathroom with shower as well as a large terrace with magnificent views of the Indian village. For guests staying in treehouses, an ample breakfast is provided in our El Paso restaurant.